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Growing up in a fatherless home in the inner city of East St. Louis, Michael faced challenges that would have deterred many from pursuing their dreams. But Michael was different. He was driven by a desire to beat the odds and make a positive impact in the world.

From a young age, Michael dreamed of becoming a police officer. He saw it as a way to help and serve others, and to make a difference in his community. And so, he pursued that dream with all his heart.

Michael’s journey led him to serve our country as a United States Marine Corps veteran, and later as a State Trooper for over 19 years in the Common Wealth of Virginia. In his role as a law enforcement officer, Michael demonstrated a commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others.

But Michael’s influence went far beyond his work as a State Trooper. He became a mentor and leader in his community, and a motivational speaker who travels the country sharing his story of resilience and dedication.

Michael’s message has been heard by thousands, as he’s been interviewed on numerous podcasts, local radio stations, and national news media outlets. He’s discussed a wide range of topics, from law enforcement issues to his faith, and he’s made a lasting impact on everyone he’s spoken to.

Despite all of his accomplishments, Michael remains humble and focused on the task at hand. He continues to serve as a Field Training Officer and a member of the Honor Guard, and he’s also spent over 3 years as a Chaplain, providing spiritual guidance and support to those in need.

Michael’s commitment to his community and his country has not gone unnoticed. He’s received numerous awards throughout his career, including the Virginia State Police Superintendent Award of Merit for his response to the Capitol insurrection, and the 2015 Governor’s Award for Public Service in Volunteerism and Service by Governor Terry McAuliffe.

But perhaps Michael’s greatest legacy is the impact he’s had on the lives of those he’s touched. He’s a beacon of hope and inspiration for all who know him, and a shining example of what it means to dedicate your life to serving others.

Michael resides in Prince William County, Virginia, with his wife and son, and his story continues to inspire and motivate people all over the world.


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